You Are Never Too Young to Build

The Lynchburg Selection Center office of David James Homes is experiencing an interesting trend. Lynchburg is the hometown of Lynchburg and Liberty Universities and Randolph College. There are also several other institutions of higher learning in the surrounding area. Each year, thousands of students from those institutions graduate and find jobs, and many decide to plant roots in and around their adopted city of Lynchburg. With plentiful land and communities in the area, many young adults there have come to see building a custom home as the way to meet their housing needs. Also, when factoring in the high rental costs of the area along with the opportunity to grow equity, building a new home has become the most favorable option.


David James Homes Delivers a Personalized Building Experience

The first thing you need to know about David James Homes is that we are unlike any builder in your area. What distinguishes us from the rest is that we combine all the best aspects of custom building in pursuit of giving you a personalized and gratifying home-buying experience. The phrase small enough to listen and large enough to perform has been our assumed motto throughout the years. In other words, we are small enough to cater to your individual needs while also having the breadth and organization to get the job done. Two guys in a pickup truck, we are not. We are an efficient, well-run company with over 22 years of experience in the building of quality homes on your building lot.


Welcome to the “Hammer and Home“ David James Homes blog

Welcome to the David James Homes blog space, entitled “Hammer and Home.” Our blog is basically an online journal where we will be sharing interesting stories about David James Homes that we believe will be of benefit to you. The mission of this blog is to bring you valuable information regarding your next new homebuilding purchase. We believe that getting good information is the first step towards making wise and sound decisions. Our job with the “Hammer and Home” blog is to deliver transparent, clear, concise and relevant information to aid you in your homebuilding journey.