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Why David James Homes for Your Custom Home?

At David James Homes, our building process is unique from beginning to end.

The Perfect Plan

David James Homes provides you with a consultant whose only job is to design and tailor a plan and price to fit your needs and budget. With a smaller builder, out working on the job site every day, there simply isn’t the time, and more often the resources, to spend the 30–40 hours necessary to customize and price a home for each individual potential homeowner.

On Time Delivery

There are two reasons few builders can consistently deliver your new home on time: shortage of labor and shortage of funds. The small builder depends on dozens of tradesman who may only do work for him once or twice in a year. Since they are working for many other builders also, he has to wait for each trade to schedule his work in, creating “lag time” between every phase of construction. Compounding the problem, the builder only gets paid as work is completed, putting a strain on the budget and forcing him to pause construction for 7–10 days at each of 6 draws while the bank releases payments so he can continue.

Because of David James' volume, we are the main, and often the only, builder the contractor works with, giving us control over his scheduling. We can schedule our contractors weeks ahead and avoid the downtime experienced by most builders. Without the lag time, along with David James' financial stability, cash flow is no longer a concern that slows construction.

Building on Budget

Most builders you talk to will price your home on a “square foot” basis with allowances, or a “budget’ for all amenities—flooring, cabinets, lighting, plumbing, etc. At that point, neither you nor your builder has selected or priced any of the materials, so there’s no way of knowing whether the budget will cover or not. And it rarely does—the average home ending up at 15% over budget.

At David James Homes, we take the time to help you select everything from flooring to shingles, in the comfort of our Selection Center, and price it into your new home from the start. The end result: the price at the beginning is the price at the end. None of the endless hours going from supplier to supplier, not only trying to choose what you want for your new home, but trying to stay in the “budget” at the same time. Everything is handled upfront so you’re free to relax and enjoy watching your dream become a reality.

Consistent Quality

New homebuyers are naturally concerned whether the quality of their home will be as they expected. After all, you can’t see it until it’s done. Will the builder “cut corners” to increase his profit on your home? You’ve seen other homes he’s built, but will any of the same contractors be building yours?

At David James Homes, not only do you get to see and choose exactly what goes into your home, we use the same contractors on all of our homes. If you go through one of our homes and like the way the trim’s cut, the plumbing’s finished, etc., you’re going to get exactly the same quality. We purchase all of our lumber and pay the framer to put it together. That way he won’t be concerned with how to skimp on material here and there to make a few extra dollars. Finally, your Construction Manager, the man on your site coordinating and scheduling every phase, is not told nor is he responsible for profit margins on your home. His only job is to deliver a consistently high quality home, on time. He is never concerned with whether there’s enough profit in the house or whether draws have been paid or not—he just give the customer the best house he can.


Once you’re in your new home, the biggest difference with David James Homes is just starting—guaranteeing your home four years longer than any other contractor in the area. We are so confident in the home that we turn over to you that we warrant all of our workmanship, from concrete to shingles for five full years. You’ll be hard pressed to find another contractor who will warrant his home for more than one year. You have to ask yourself, “I’m spending more on this purchase than anything else in my life, with over eleven thousand different parts and pieces to put together. Do I really have faith in a contractor who won’t guarantee his work for more for than one short year?” You also have to ask yourself, “Why not?”

  • Five years on all workmanship
  • Ten year insured structural warranty
  • Fifteen year dry basement warranty
  • We’re confident in our craftsmanship and our quality