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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Paint Colors

You could have a striking architectural design for your home, and your consultant may come up with the most polished décor, but it all would not matter if you end up with colors that are off. Color is the thread that will weave together every detail in your new home. The right color can transform a beautiful structure into a warm, stylish, and outstanding home.

Here are a few mistakes home builders make when selecting paint colors and how you can avoid them.

1. Picking Paint Before Decor Details

As you plan your construction or remodeling, picking paint colors seems like one of the natural things to do. However, you should settle on the type of furniture and decor you plan for your home first. It is easier to find a color that complements your décor than it is to find décor that matches paint color.

Talk to your builder’s decor consultant and look at the prints, woods, fabrics, and artwork you plan to have in your home for inspiration before you choose paint colors.

2. Overlooking the Landscape

When people are building or remodeling a house, they often choose interior decor that will be different from what they have in mind for your exterior space. While nothing is fundamentally wrong with this approach, a consistent or complementary interior and exterior theme can boost the overall aesthetics of your home. When selecting the paint colors, discuss and finalize your landscape ideas with your builder, then select paint color based on the end results. The idea is to unify the inside decor with your home’s overall exterior environment and color theme.

Also, consider your neighborhood’s overall scenery for inspiration. West Virginia, for example, is known for its rolling hills and mountainous backcountry. Earthy neutrals would be a better color scheme than blue and azure coastal hues.

3. Failing to Make Paint Color Decisions Early Enough

Many people are undecided at the initial stages of building a house, and therefore end up with too many colors when the project is done. Others are naturally drawn to many colors. While this may give you more opportunities for creative expression, don’t go overboard.

To be safe, ask your builder to help you come up with a whole home color palette at the design stage. Carry any inspirational pictures you may have to give them an idea of what you want. Start by listing the colors you love and how you want your space to feel. For instance, if you want a spa-like and calm environment, you will need a harmonious color scheme. If you are after an interior with lots of contrasts, you will have to go for a complimentary color scheme. An urban but clean mood calls for different shades of the same color.

In house designs where rooms open into each other, pay attention to how the paint colors in each room will complement each other. Ensure your color combinations create a sense of continuity and add depth to each room.

A color palette will only be a guide and you can adjust what you need to upon completion of your home. Having a color palette at the beginning removes ambiguity when you get to the painting stage of construction and when deciding colors for additions such as the fireplace and cabinets.

A lot goes into selecting the perfect paint colors for your new home. Take your time to choose a color theme early enough, and pick one that you can live with for many years to come. At, David James Custom Homes, we don’t only help you build your ideal custom home. We also work with you to select the best options, including paint colors. Get in touch with us today to discuss design ideas for your home.

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