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4 Cutting-Edge Trends in New Home Design and Styling

Like almost everything else in today’s era of rapid change, new home construction styles evolve quickly. If you are planning to build a house in the near future, then you should be aware of the cutting edge trends that define new home styling and features. The last thing most people want is to build a home that will be dated before it’s even finished.

That’s why you will want to spend time researching some of the newest trends and styles and incorporate them into your new home plan. Below are four trends you will want to know about before you turn a shovel over.

1. Open Floor Plans

One trend that continues to be popular among homebuilders is the open floor plan. Houses that provide maximum visibility are particularly appealing, as homeowners seek to combine living areas, kitchens and dining spaces.

Along with open horizontal sight lines, spaces that stretch vertically also represent modern style and design. For example, features like high ceilings and lots of natural lighting bring positive attention to a home. Closed-in spaces are claustrophobic and don’t usually lend themselves to a positive vibe.

2. Multipurpose Kitchens

Another trend of new home construction is multipurpose kitchens. The continuing emphasis on open floor plans, which blurs the lines between living areas and other utility spaces such as kitchens and dining rooms, places the kitchen into the limelight.

Kitchens are now a major hub of activity within the home; and in many houses, kitchens are a focal point for family living. Eating is just one use for kitchens, as general living activities are now occurring with regularity in the kitchen.

Islands are of major importance in the multipurpose kitchen. Once minimal, only containing room for a range top or bar sink, islands have grown in proportion and now occupy significant acreage within the kitchen. Islands provide a central gathering place for busy families and are used for eating, writing, computing, conversing, and all kinds of activities.

3. Spa-Like Bathrooms

Bathrooms are certainly not immune to the changes in home design and styling. Similar to the trends seen in kitchens, bathrooms are now viewed as places where spending more time is desirable. Instead of utilitarian rooms, bathrooms have crossed over into the realm of spas, and many homeowners want the cozy comforts of home to extend fully into this space.

As a result, many bathrooms are now equipped with spa-like features, such as heated flooring, and significant amounts of natural lighting. In fact, it’s normal to find new homes that forego bathtubs altogether, especially in the master bathroom. Spacious showers with luxury fixtures have replaced traditional tubs in some homes, and don’t be surprised if this trend continues to accelerate.

If you are interested in building a new home and need expert guidance, be sure to contact David James Custom Homes for help. We are available to assist you in selecting the features you want and need to build the home of your dreams.

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