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5 Questions to Help You Pick Your Perfect House Plan

Deciding on a floor plan for your new custom home is certainly an exciting project. But starting from scratch and having so many choices can also be a little overwhelming for many homeowners. Here are five questions to help you pick out the right house design for your family.

How is Your Family Changing?

Assessing your future plan and the future of your family can help you decide what you need to include in your custom home. If you plan to have this house the next ten years, for example, a lot could change in your life and family. You may want to have kids or an elderly parent may eventually need assistance.

If you already have kids, how long do you anticipate they’ll live at home? With young people increasingly returning home, it may be best to have a plan that includes room for growth and room for adult family members.

What Are Your Accessibility Needs?

Mature homeowners should consider changing health needs when deciding what type of house they want. Even if you have no mobility issues at the moment that can change if you intend to make this your life long home.

In addition, will you be needing to baby-proof the house? Will elderly relatives be spending a lot of time here? If planning a retirement house, it’s a good idea to avoid unnecessary elevation changes and opt for an open floor plan with wide, easy-to-navigate corridors and doors.

An experienced custom home builder like David James Homes can help you increase accessibility options without sacrificing great looks.

Do You Want Privacy?

Privacy may not be something many homeowners consider much when planning a house, but privacy is a consideration in several different ways. First of all, if the lot is surrounded by neighbors, you may find that an “L” or “U” layout helps add privacy naturally. In addition, the direction of the house and how you install windows can hinder the views from surrounding locations.

Inside the house, you may want to consider the privacy needs of the family. A couple with small children may want to place the master suite a sufficient distance from the kids’ main play areas. Or you might want to place the kitchen and living room where there is a good view of the backyard to keep an eye on kids. Or perhaps you’ll want to add additional bathrooms which can help keep the peace among older children.

How Much Do You Use the Outdoors?

Generally, the total size of your lot is fixed. This means that before you settle on the size of your house, you should give some thought to how much outdoor space you need and what you want to do with it. If you like to entertain large parties or have kids, for example, you may want to sacrifice a little interior square footage in order to have more outdoor space.

What Will Protect the Home’s Value?

Even if you don’t plan to sell the house anytime soon, keep in mind that no one can predict the future. For this reason, avoid too much customization that may make the home harder to sell. If you want to use some spaces for a nontraditional use, such as a home recording studio or an office with a separate entrance, consider ways to alter the layout temporarily rather than permanently.

Talk with David James Homes to determine which designs are popular in your area. Ranch houses, for example, are popular among retiring baby boomers. If your market appeals to professional couples, you may want to create a low maintenance design with great entertaining spaces. If you like a design that’s popular in your area, you can use it in your design.

Considering these five questions as you start designing your custom home so you can spend more time picking out the fun details.

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