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Mudrooms and Kitchen Pantries Gain in Popularity

Many times, the details in a home can make substantial improvements in our everyday life. Once overlooked as design features, today’s mudrooms and kitchen pantries have become focal points that are on the “must-have” lists of new home buyers.

A mudroom does not need to be a room at all. It may be a hallway, and it may or may not include laundry facilities. Often, this space acts as a secondary entrance to your home and is usually attached to the garage. The mudroom is there to protect your home from clutter and mess. It is where boots, coats, dog leashes, and the untidiness that comes with items such as those are meant to reside.

Recently, designers have gotten very creative with this space. Using inspiration from your grandmother’s old hall tree, the contemporary version of the mudroom may include built-ins with bench seats, cubby holes for gloves and other essentials, and pegs or hooks for your coats and rain gear. Some sophisticated versions of the mudroom even have mobile charging stations and dog baths.

What would we do without kitchen pantries? Pantries used to be simply thought of as closets with shelves, but in homes today, they have become sophisticated organizational spaces that are most sought after by new home buyers.

Pantries are life-savers when it comes to de-cluttering your cabinets and keeping your most needed foodstuffs close at hand. Also, pantries help to keep coveted counter space clear by providing storage for less used appliances. In recent years, pantry spaces have become much more refined with specialized organizer units, pull-out shelving, and full extension drawers that allow for easy view and effortless access. Aside from efficiency’s sake, pantries are seen as a bonus to home buyers that give your kitchen extra style points.

David James Homes has numerous home plans that include mudrooms and pantries, and since they are a custom builder, whatever you have in mind, David James Homes can accommodate. To see home plans with these and more amenities, go to

Great Home Expectations (Part One)

Brian Wescott, Davis James Homes’ sales manager in the Roanoke office has made an observation about some of the customers that come through his door: Many times, mainly younger buyers’ wants exceed their budgets. Brian explains, “Having never built or purchased a home before, many first-time homebuyers have high hopes about what some popular features actually cost… a lot of them are coming directly from living at home with their parents, and they want to surround themselves with the amenities their parents had, forgetting that their parents have worked 20, 30 years or more to get that home. Often times, I need to work with them and separate their “wants vs. needs.”

4 Cutting-Edge Trends in New Home Design and Styling

Like almost everything else in today’s era of rapid change, new home construction styles evolve quickly. If you are planning to build a house in the near future, then you should be aware of the cutting edge trends that define new home styling and features. The last thing most people want is to build a home that will be dated before it’s even finished.

That’s why you will want to spend time researching some of the newest trends and styles and incorporate them into your new home plan. Below are four trends you will want to know about before you turn a shovel over.

What’s Your Building Preference?

The David James Homes presence in the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia is in the Lakewatch community just off Booker T. Washington Highway in Moneta, Virginia. On-site in the development, a charming model home by David James Homes showcases the possibilities of building a home in the Lakewatch development. Within Lakewatch, you have the opportunity to build in several ways:

The Benefits of Dealing with a Family Owned and Operated Business

In a world of mega corporations, it’s refreshing to encounter a family-owned company with its priorities in the right place. Large publicly owned companies also have their priorities; however, these priorities are not necessarily always in the best interest of their customers. Instead, these companies are focused on keeping their shareholders happy by increasing profitability and return on investment.

David James Homes is not one such publicly owned company.

Rewind to 1995 when Merle Heckman, already a veteran of the housing industry, started David James Homes in Roanoke, Virginia. With his custom-home building experience, Merle wanted to test a different business model, one that was more customer-focused.

David James Homes’ mission is to provide affordable custom housing for average families. Controlling costs allows homeowners the option to have the amenities you expect at an affordable price. Purchasing building products in volume from vendors to secure better pricing, allows customers to choose products through in-house design centers rather than offering allowances for YOU to venture on YOUR own to seek out products that often drive up home prices by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Customers love the convenience and the savings.

Design Centers Make Selections Easy and Personalized

The phrase, “one-stop-shop,” leaps to mind when you describe the experience of visiting a David James Home Design Center. With so many choices to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin.

One example is the newly-created design center at LakeWatch near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.

“Our model can go only so far when it comes to representing all the finishes that David James has to offer,” explains Michel Kordich, sales representative at the LakeWatch location of David James Homes Sales. The amount of finishes can seem almost limitless. That’s because, if you have specific products in mind for your home, David James Homes will gladly order them for you. Everything from cabinets and flooring options to faucets and shingles are represented in the Design Center, whereas with other builders waste precious time and money by having you traveling to other vendor locations with allowances, in hopes of finding your desired product. In comparison to other builders, we make it easy.

Choosing Your Foundation

When building with David James Homes, you have two options when it comes to choosing a type of foundation for your home, a crawlspace or basement. Both will support your home adequately, but before you make a decision, it might be worth considering the advantages of each.

A crawlspace foundation will save you money, but it won’t necessarily save you time. Both basements and crawl spaces will take roughly the same amount of time to build. With David James Homes, a full basement is included in their homes but a crawlspace foundation can save between $6,000 and $15,000 to your home construction costs.

3 Tips for Designing a Kitchen Layout for Your Custom Home

When planning your custom home, the layout of the kitchen can be a big decision. There are many variables to consider and a lot of options. In addition, choosing the wrong layout can diminish your enjoyment of this important room.

So, how can you choose the best design? Here’s a short guide to get you started.

1. Know Your Needs

The first step in finding the right style of kitchen is to understand how you will use the room. Try asking yourself questions, for example, is there usually one cook in the kitchen at a time, or does your family tend to congregate there? How often do you entertain large groups versus small parties? Do you like formal entertaining or are you a casual type of host?

You could also analyze the traffic trends in your current kitchen for clues as to what you want in a new one. Answering these and other questions – as honestly as possible – will help you determine a list of priorities for your kitchen long before you start hammering.

Make “Better” Your 2018 Resolution

Make “Better” Your 2018 Resolution

Becoming better, is most likely a 2018 New Year’s resolution that we can all agree upon. The New Year brings with it new beginnings, as well as things that we might like to change. Everyone has different priorities in their lives and according to your particular circumstance, better can mean different things to different people. One change for the better could mean getting into a new and better home.

  • Better may be not settling for other people’s choices and building the custom home you have always envisioned and dreamed of owning.
  • Better might be getting those kitchen amenities such as custom cabinetry, marble countertops and new appliances that you have been fantasizing about all these years.
  • Better could mean getting into a home that has a family-friendly floor plan that accommodates your family’s needs and lifestyle. Whether it is upsizing or downsizing, having more square footage or a home with one level or two.
  • Better may mean being in the location you most desire, maybe nearer to family, friends, in a good school district or simply closer to life’s conveniences.
  • Better could be defined by being rid of the drudgery of the repair and maintenance of an older home, with antiquated mechanical systems and appliances.

Consider Your Options

We are currently in the midst of a housing boom. Consumer confidence in the economy is up and mortgage interest levels are still comparatively low. With this increasing demand, existing housing inventories are very low, which is causing real estate home prices to soar. As an alternative to purchasing an existing home, homebuyers are now realizing the affordability of custom building.