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David James Homes offers the Craftsmanship of Custom-Built Homes at Production-Builder Prices

When understanding the value that David James Homes offers, you must first understand the difference between true custom building and production building.

Custom-built homes are built uniquely, one at a time. The custom building process requires collaboration between the homeowner and the custom builder, and may involve other parties such as construction supervisors, project managers, estimators, and other tradesmen and subcontractors. The lot is a key factor in building a home. Often the homeowner already owns a building lot or has found a lot for sale. In other circumstances, the builder may provide a building lot. Custom builders tend to be associated with high quality work and to focus on specific geographic areas where acreage is readily available.

The Affordability Factor

Often in our David James Homes Selection Centers, we encounter people exclaiming that they never dreamed they could really afford a custom home. If we are only hearing this from the people who actually take the chance on coming in, you might imagine how this misconception may be widespread. The fact is, most people can afford a custom home from David James Homes.  If you are in the market to buy a new home, chances are David James Homes has a custom home option that is just perfect for you.

We’re All Ears!

Two of the things that make David James Homes different from the rest are the facts that we are good listeners and we love transparency. This means that we are here to listen to your needs, and that we will answer your questions with complete honesty. If you are considering building a new home, it is never too early to start your investigation. Even if your homebuilding dream is in its infancy, starting to assemble information is your first step towards home ownership.

Three Buckets

To some, undertaking a building project may feel overwhelming, but in fact, David James Homes makes your homebuilding dream easily attainable. Their success comes from helping you to know your costs up front.  David James Homes breaks down the homebuilding process into the simplest possible terms. The company knows that there are three basic costs, also referred to as buckets associated with the overall expense of building a new home – land cost, land improvements cost, and home cost – and it strives to help you understand these costs to make the best decisions possible.

New Home Buyer Tips

Man meeting with financial advisor in living room[/caption]

Brian Wescott, our sales manager in Roanoke, Virginia, has a unique perspective on buying and building a home from David James Homes. After years of experience helping other people realize their homebuilding dreams, Brian recently built his own custom David James home. He offers these insightful suggestions for the new home buyer to consider.

You Are Never Too Young to Build

The Lynchburg Selection Center office of David James Homes is experiencing an interesting trend. Lynchburg is the hometown of Lynchburg and Liberty Universities and Randolph College. There are also several other institutions of higher learning in the surrounding area. Each year, thousands of students from those institutions graduate and find jobs, and many decide to plant roots in and around their adopted city of Lynchburg. With plentiful land and communities in the area, many young adults there have come to see building a custom home as the way to meet their housing needs. Also, when factoring in the high rental costs of the area along with the opportunity to grow equity, building a new home has become the most favorable option.

Sales manager Don Fortney explains, “With local housing inventory low and younger adults acquiring good, well-paying jobs, we are seeing quite a bit of this activity.” Also, he notes that these individuals and couples are looking to build starter homes and are very excited to see what they can build for the money, as compared to renting.

Don sites these factors for this interesting trend:

5 Questions to Help You Pick Your Perfect House Plan

Deciding on a floor plan for your new custom home is certainly an exciting project. But starting from scratch and having so many choices can also be a little overwhelming for many homeowners. Here are five questions to help you pick out the right house design for your family.

How is Your Family Changing?

Assessing your future plan and the future of your family can help you decide what you need to include in your custom home. If you plan to have this house the next ten years, for example, a lot could change in your life and family. You may want to have kids or an elderly parent may eventually need assistance.

If you already have kids, how long do you anticipate they’ll live at home? With young people increasingly returning home, it may be best to have a plan that includes room for growth and room for adult family members.

Welcome to the “Hammer and Home“ David James Homes blog

Welcome to the David James Homes blog space, entitled “Hammer and Home.” Our blog is basically an online journal where we will be sharing interesting stories about David James Homes that we believe will be of benefit to you. The mission of this blog is to bring you valuable information regarding your next new homebuilding purchase. We believe that getting good information is the first step towards making wise and sound decisions. Our job with the “Hammer and Home” blog is to deliver transparent, clear, concise and relevant information to aid you in your homebuilding journey.

David James Homes Delivers a Personalized Building Experience

The first thing you need to know about David James Homes is that we are unlike any builder in your area. What distinguishes us from the rest is that we combine all the best aspects of custom building in pursuit of giving you a personalized and gratifying home-buying experience. The phrase small enough to listen and large enough to perform has been our assumed motto throughout the years. In other words, we are small enough to cater to your individual needs while also having the breadth and organization to get the job done. Two guys in a pickup truck, we are not. We are an efficient, well-run company with over 22 years of experience in the building of quality homes on your building lot.

A Look at the Top Advantages of Building a Custom Home

The real estate market is a massive collection of homes being bought and sold, and by all rights, you could probably find a house available that you could settle with among the more than 3.55 million available. However, there is another option that ensures you end up in the house you really want, and that is having a custom home built specifically for you.

Custom home building is often thought of as something only for the wealthy. However, with the availability of custom home packages designed to suit the average family or consumer, it is easier than ever to pick a plan that works with your budget. Take a look at some of the advantages of building a custom home over buying a home that’s already been built.