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Choosing Your Foundation

When building with David James Homes, you have two options when it comes to choosing a type of foundation for your home, a crawlspace or basement. Both will support your home adequately, but before you make a decision, it might be worth considering the advantages of each.

A crawlspace foundation will save you money, but it won’t necessarily save you time. Both basements and crawl spaces will take roughly the same amount of time to build. With David James Homes, a full basement is included in their homes but a crawlspace foundation can save between $6,000 and $15,000 to your home construction costs.

All basements constructed by David James Homes have 10 inch thick, poured concrete walls, which add to the structural integrity of your home, as well as come with a 15-year dry basement guarantee.

Arguably one of the most outstanding advantages to a basement foundation is the additional square footage and the contribution of the overall worth of your home, which can impact resale value. Even though a basement obviously costs more, the square footage gained is actually cheaper when you compare adding on conditioned space to the home. This especially true if your future plans include having a finished basement in the future.

Like crawlspaces, a basement also allows you a space for your home’s mechanical systems, including under-floor wiring and pipes that are easy to access.

Whether it’s a crawlspace or a basement, the function of a foundation is to support your home. Your fundamental decision on what type of foundation you want is based on your personal preference and budget. Does your lifestyle require a basement or do physical abilities prohibit it? What foundation type gets you the home you want at a price that makes sense for your budget?

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