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Common Myths about Custom Homes: #2 Production builders are faster than custom builders

Common Myths about Custom Homes

#2 I can get into my home sooner with a production builder than a custom builder.

This fallacy is based primarily on the assumption that build time is increased due the selection, procurement and installation of custom optional products and finishes, which is not true. Building a custom home with David James Homes doesn’t necessarily take any longer than other types of on-site home construction.

A custom home built by David James Homes will take a comparable amount of time to other on-site building methods. The selection process is streamlined by David James Homes’ merchandised selection centers. At these selection centers, clients can choose from an array of options from roofing shingles to soaking tubs.

“The decision-making process normally takes anywhere from hours to a day or so,” says Bill Burdett, vice president of sales and marketing of David James Homes. “There is seldom a huge hold-up at this stage of the process.”

Typically this is the most time-consuming process of home building. Other builders may turn customers loose to fend for themselves, which then translates to lots of traveling to third-party plumbing and lighting centers to make decisions on the options in their new home.

Another time saving factor is in David James Homes begins with in its standard home specifications. David James Homes begins with generous standard features throughout the homes that they build. The result is that in most cases customers do not feel the need to upgrade due to the quality of the products already included in the home.

The best way to find out more is to visit a selection center near you. Just visit


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