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A Look at the Top Advantages of Building a Custom Home

The real estate market is a massive collection of homes being bought and sold, and by all rights, you could probably find a house available that you could settle with among the more than 3.55 million available. However, there is another option that ensures you end up in the house you really want, and that is having a custom home built specifically for you.

Custom home building is often thought of as something only for the wealthy. However, with the availability of custom home packages designed to suit the average family or consumer, it is easier than ever to pick a plan that works with your budget. Take a look at some of the advantages of building a custom home over buying a home that’s already been built.

Pick the Design Details You Really Want

Buying a custom home is a totally different process than buying a home already built. You create your list of things you want, such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms you prefer or whether you want a one- or two-story home, and then work with the builder to make it happen.

One of the biggest buyer regrets is not getting a home that’s bigger, which is easy to do when buying something already built. Having a custom home built from the ground up means you get to pick and choose the perfect size for your family, as well as the design details you want. For example, you can choose things like:

  • What types of flooring you want in the house
  • What type of exterior cladding you prefer
  • Whether or not you want a double vanity in the bathrooms
  • What color you want the walls painted

Shopping for a home that is already available is a daunting process. Most prospective buyers start out with a list of “must-haves” that they want in a new home. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for many of the “must-haves” to become things buyers choose to live without because they cannot find a property that suits their every want.

Get a Brand New Home With an Actual Warranty

When you buy a home that has been previously lived in or even a newly built home on the market, there’s no guarantee that you won’t run into a lot of problems after you move in. With a custom-built home, most builders provide a warranty for the home that covers things like:

  • Structural protection
  • Basement waterproofing protection
  • Standard performance of materials

Moving into a home that is under warranty is almost like having an added form of insurance on the property. This is not something you can usually get when you buy other homes on the market.

Have Your Home Positioned Where You Want It

When you have a home built, the first step in the process is to find the property where you want your home to be situated. So you know you will have a home on a piece of land that is desirable because you picked the location first. When buying an already-built home, you often have to do a lot of digging to find a house that suits you on property that is desirable

There are several issues that come up for a lot of homebuyer where the property a house sits on is concerned. One big problem is that the average lot size for a single-family home is just .35 of an acre, and a lot of buyers prefer more land. When you have your home custom built, you have the option of investing in a larger piece of property.

In the end, building a custom home is a highly advantageous way to get into a home of your own. If you would like help with building your own custom home, contact David James Custom Homes.

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