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What Makes a Bestselling Home?

David James Homes offers more than 108 homes in its collection of floor plans. You can also customize any these floor plans to your needs, as well as you may supply your own floor plans.

It goes without saying that the best selling homes are the most popular. But what makes a home a best-seller? As it turns out it is a combination of many factors.

  • Home style and curb appeal. Homes can come in all shapes and sizes (for example, there are ranches, cape cods, split levels and two stories). Homes can also be detailed to a particular style, such as traditional, colonial, contemporary and Victorian. Does the home fit your family’s needs? What is the initial exterior attractiveness of the home? Does the home fit with its surroundings and neighborhood setting?
  • Floor plan layout. The floor plan of a home has everything to do with you and your family feeling comfortable in your home. Look for the overall configuration of the spaces and if they are large enough to accommodate your needs. Pay attention to bedrooms, baths, kitchen and dining areas. If the plans don’t already show measurements and dimensions, ask for them.
  • Regional interest. Some home styles have regional appeal. Particular areas lean toward styles due to preference and by property size and availability. Rural areas may have sprawling ranch homes while those in suburban areas may have two or more stories due to smaller lot sizes.
  • Square footage. Ask yourself if the home accommodate future family growth? Additionally, with more space you have the more the upkeep. Compromise and budget awareness is always needed when judging these situations. In addition, always factor in total square footage, such as unfinished basements, bonus and storage areas, as well as outdoor living space.
  • Price point. Home price is definitely a factor, but consider this: other than entry level homes for first-time homebuyers, price may be less of an issue than you think. Yes, you need to be able make the mortgage payments, but interest rates still are historically low and with a fixed long-term loan; you may be able to afford more than you first thought you could.
  • Specifications and standard features. What are the base specifications of the home? While they may meet all applicable code requirements, are they what you need and want? Be sure you also understand the standard features of your new home as it relates to interior finishes, such as flooring and appliances. Go through the specifications and standard features of your home in detail with your builder.

Visit the David James Homes floor plan gallery to find the home that’s right for you. In this next series of blogs, we will spotlight David James Homes’ best-selling homes.

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