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You Are Never Too Young to Build

The Lynchburg Selection Center office of David James Homes is experiencing an interesting trend. Lynchburg is the hometown of Lynchburg and Liberty Universities and Randolph College. There are also several other institutions of higher learning in the surrounding area. Each year, thousands of students from those institutions graduate and find jobs, and many decide to plant roots in and around their adopted city of Lynchburg. With plentiful land and communities in the area, many young adults there have come to see building a custom home as the way to meet their housing needs. Also, when factoring in the high rental costs of the area along with the opportunity to grow equity, building a new home has become the most favorable option.

Sales manager Don Fortney explains, “With local housing inventory low and younger adults acquiring good, well-paying jobs, we are seeing quite a bit of this activity.” Also, he notes that these individuals and couples are looking to build starter homes and are very excited to see what they can build for the money, as compared to renting.

Don sites these factors for this interesting trend:

  • Interest Rates: Although they are now inching up due to an uptick in the economy, interest rates continue to remain at historic lows.
  • Creative Financing: Banks have become more creative in designing loan programs for first-time homeowners.
  • Competitive pricing: While other builders have burdened new-construction homeowners with drastic price increases due to material shortages, the David James Homes pricing strategy has been to retain affordability for the homeowner by not passing along those increases.
  • Timelines: Generally, with David James Homes, new homeowners are able to move into their homes much quicker as compared to other builders. Our efficiency stems from our consistent use of sub-contacting crews, a practice which minimizes delays and usually allows our homeowners to fully enjoy their new home within six months.
  • Maintenance: It’s a fact that new homes have little up-keep. When everything is new, there is nothing to fix, unlike a rental or older home. Moreover, there is much less ongoing maintenance with today’s new homes, because they are built with materials that are stronger and more weather resistant than those used in the past.

New home buyers of any generation have much to gain from visiting a David James Homes Selection Center and having a conversation with one of our sales agents. We encourage you to contact your local David James Homes office. To find one near you go to:

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