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Your New Home Specification and Why it’s Important

A home is the sum of its parts. Therefore, it goes to reason that the overall quality of a home is largely the result of its materials. Getting an understanding of your new home’s specifications will lead to greater satisfaction. A home with good specifications eliminates the need for many upgrades, which will in-turn save you money.

It is important to go beyond the surface when looking for a builder for your new home. Looking at the specifications that they build to is a good start. This allows you and your builder to be on the same page and avoid any potential misunderstandings. Additionally it gives you a window into specifically what is in your new home and why it is there. Furthermore, specifications provide you with insight into the building methods and priorities of the builder. A Specification Sheet document lets you compare and contrast with other builders that you might interview.

The Specification Sheet document will be segmented into categories such as Basement Foundation & Concrete Framing, Roofing & Siding, Windows & Doors, Electric & Plumbing Interior Trim and Cabinets & Flooring. Each category will have a number of line items that pertain to the category. For example, Windows & Doors will include interior doors and exterior doors with sizes and what types of doors they are.

In most cases the builder will not mention brand names; however, feel free to inquire. All specifications are important but most you will not even see. These include basement foundations, flooring materials, framing materials and roof truss systems.

The obvious things you will see will be those that are exterior and interior finishes such as cabinetry, appliances windows, doors, door locks, plumbing fixtures, shingles siding treatments etc.

At David James Homes, we invite you to take a take a look at what is in our standard home specification. We encourage you to compare and contrast what we offer against other new home builders. To see David James Homes’ Custom Home Standard Features go to

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