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Nine Ways to Choose the Right Builder for Your New Home

  1. Experience matters. There is probably no bigger determining factor than experience. Building can be complicated so you want someone who has the experience to deal with any circumstances that might arise.
  2. Customer satisfaction. Research the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Ask for references of builders from past home buyers. Check them out on social media. What are people saying about them? Just be aware that the social media world can be questionable at times, so take posts with a grain of salt.
  3. Is the builder is licensed? Ask a builder for his or her credentials as to what class of builder they are and whether they able to execute your building project. Inquire as to whether he is insured.
  4. Do a gut check. What vibe do you get from the builder? Sure, the answer is qualitative, but sometimes you know when things don’t add up. How are their communication skills? How do they respond to your questions? Does he have all the necessary expertise to build the style of home you want?
  5. Does a warranty come with your home? How does the builder stand behind his work? Is there a structural warranty, a workmanship warranty, a dry-basement warranty?
  6. How does a builder demonstrate that he is engaged and is growing in his craft? Does the builder have a membership in trade associations such as the local HBA (Home Builders Association) or is he involved in the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).
  7. Section centers/model homes/customer homes. Seeing is believing in most cases. Does the builder have homes that you can tour or drive by? Look at the details. The fit and finish. Does the builder have a selection center in which you can actually feel and choose the products that will be in your new home?
  8. The building process. Does the builder make the process easy or difficult? Ask questions about the process and timelines, even if the questions might seem simplistic. Ask about benchmarks and typical time it takes to complete the home.
  9. Tradition of quality. How does the builder demonstrate quality in workmanship, materials as you witness one of his homes? Ask to go to a home that is under construction.

Reference this list as you interview builders. We also invite you to visit a David James Homes Selection Center and ask the questions included in this blog. Let us know how we measure up! To find a selection center near you, visit

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