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Optimize Closets With Custom Craftsmanship

Building or remodeling your home? Make sure that you optimize storage potential with carefully constructed closets. Use these closet design tips to organize and maximize your home’s closets, creating more storage and less clutter in your new home.

The Foyer

The closet in a foyer, mudroom, or entry to a home can get messy. The closet often becomes a catchall for the overflow of coats, shoes, and belongings in your house. Use pocket doors or accordion-style folding closet doors to save space, and consider adding art that doubles as storage in this typically cramped area of the home.

Remember that your foyer is the first spot that visitors, guests, and family members see when they come to your home, so pay attention to fine details and craftsmanship when planning your closet design.

The Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen closet, compartmentalize and think of vertical storage options. This will allow you a dedicated spot for each of your culinary tools, pans, and utensils. Organizers, racks, and shelves will come in handy, accommodating everything from silverware to baking soda, and teacups to oregano.

If you can carve out space for a dedicated pantry closet, use these tips to stay organized after moving into your new or remodeled home:

  • Use the inside of the closet or pantry door for smaller items with hanging racks and baskets.
  • Make sure to keep the items that you use regularly close-at-hand. Store seasonal or less-used pieces up high or way back in the pantry.

Another way to maximize the space in your pantry is by using a set of storage containers that are cohesive and compatible with one another. This will allow them to fit more snugly and efficiently, making more room for other goods.

The Bedroom

When it comes to an organized bedroom closet, planning is everything. Many homeowners hire closet designers to create ample and efficient storage areas for their clothes, shoes, and linens. Allow space in your new closets for trunks and trundles for tucking away out-of-season apparel or things that you don’t wear very often.

The bedroom can become a lot more convenient when you implement a closet organizational system, which will create specific spaces for all of your belongings that you can see at a glance. Talk to your custom homebuilder for recommendations as to the best organizational system and installation advice.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another area of the home with far too little storage, so your bathroom closet may become cluttered or tight. Spare the space taken up by towels and invest in a towel ladder for a clever way to hang fresh linens; you can prop these against a wall to save floor space if necessary. Design a medicine chest that is adequately sized for the essentials that you regularly use.

Ask contractors about cutting out cubbies in sheetrock to create small niches for goods that you use daily.

Take time to work with your contractor to find the best spots, sizes, and options related to closets in your new place. Attention to storage and closet details now will ensure you stay organized and curb costs later. Only allow your contractor to install systems in existing closets to make sure they are sturdy and safe.

Don’t let your closet design and construction be an afterthought. Use these tips to create more storage and more convenience in the whole home, while also ensuring that your closet spaces live up to their full potential. Contact the experts in home craftsmanship at David James Custom Homes for storage solutions in your new home, including the perfect closet!

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