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“Thank you for a beautiful home – we love it! Your company was not only helpful through every phase of construction, but in addition was quick to find solutions to problems present. The workmanship, materials, and especially the staff represent a professional company dedicated to a truly superior product.”
~ Jim & Gretchen Flynn ~
“We want to thank you for the great job you did in building our new home. We have had many people express their feelings on the quality and attention to details that you and your team have done in the construction of our home. You should feel proud that you take the time to put all your efforts into building the type of homes that people appreciate. ….Thanks again to you and your outstanding team for the efforts they have achieved in the construction of our beautiful home.”
~ Ron & Nety Reeker ~
“We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with our new home. We have been moved in for about a month now and are finally getting settled. We are really pleased with how the house turned out – it’s just beautiful.”
~ David & Angie Draper ~
“I would like to thank you for all the help you gave us while our house was being constructed. You were always available to answer my questions, and to visit the site when needed. I want you to know how much I appreciated that. Being a woman handling things here with Tom in Nevada was a daunting prospect for me. You were good to work with and I thank you.”
~ Kathy M. Jeffers ~
“We would like to personally thank you for building our home, which started October 1, 2003 and was completed May 10, 2004. This was the first time we built a home. We did our homework and researched other builders in the area and found that David James offered the flexibility, planning, organization, quality materials, and professional craftsman that we were looking for to build our home. We heard many horror stories from our friends who built their own homes using other contractors and subcontractors that included delays and mistakes. Dan and I had the opposite experience with David James Homes. …If future customers are looking for a high quality, professional, expert home builder, we highly recommend David James Homes. Should we have a need to build another home, hands down, David James Homes has the job. Thank you for your expertise and above standard customer service and superior workmanship.”
~ Jacqueline and Daniel J. Leary III ~
“Johnny and I just wanted to let you know how much we respect and appreciate your standing by your word and contract. We are very much aware that in this day and time that people and businesses do not do much of that anymore! Please also express our appreciation to Curtis and Roger. It is employees like them that have made the team that you have created a successful one! I hope this certificate may show our deep appreciation to you, and may serve as a witness for any future customers. Thank you for reminding us that there are still good, trustworthy people out there!”
~ John and Sharon Croy ~
“Everybody always says it is a big headache to have a house built. We think you all have made this process a very pleasant one and we want to thank you. We are very happy with the house and the quick and prompt service you have provided us with when things were not perfect. We only had good experiences with your staff and employees and we will be glad to recommend David James Homes to anyone that wants to have a house built.”
~ Hunter and Alyssia King ~
“It looks like Karen and myself, in hindsight, made the right decision on whom to let build our home. Everyone on your staff have been super in dealing with any questions we have ever had – you have really gone the extra mile in helping us. Our home is always open to any of your prospective buyers. Thanks again,”
~ Dave and Karen Palmer ~
“I want to express my family’s appreciation to David James Homes for providing such professional service and hiring very professional sub-contractors to work on our home. We continue to brag about our experience with you and refer you to as many people as possible.”
~ Christopher B. Clark ~
“We will be celebrating our first year in our beautiful David James home come the end of this month. Merle, you heard Joe and I and what we wanted and Clark, you made it happen. Thank you. Every day we wake up and thank God for our life and home.”
~ Alice and Joe Ganiaris ~

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