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Three Buckets

To some, undertaking a building project may feel overwhelming, but in fact, David James Homes makes your homebuilding dream easily attainable. Their success comes from helping you to know your costs up front.  David James Homes breaks down the homebuilding process into the simplest possible terms. The company knows that there are three basic costs, also referred to as buckets associated with the overall expense of building a new home – land cost, land improvements cost, and home cost – and it strives to help you understand these costs to make the best decisions possible.

Land Cost

David James Homes will build your home on your lot, so acquiring land according to your budget is the essential first step to building your home. Some prospective home buyers already have land. David James Homes has the expertise to evaluate the property you have chosen.  To those who have not yet acquired land, David James Homes actually prefers to review your lot before you make an offer on its purchase. This is a free service that David James Homes provides to you. Regardless of your situation, David James Homes can help and one of our sales representatives are happy to assist you in acquiring the land and fulfill help you understand that cost as a part of your homebuilding budget.


Land Improvement Cost

After you’ve determined the cost of your land, you’ll also need to know how much it will cost to make any necessary land improvements. There are many variables than can affect the cost of land improvements, and every piece of property is different. It is important to know these costs up front so that you are able to select the right land for your needs. Whether you already have land or you’re searching for the perfect piece, your David James Homes Construction Representative will meet with you in person and on-site to determine the feasibility of the property. At that time, an excavating contractor might also be on hand to consult with you regarding grading, home orientation, and other physical improvements that may be needed at the site.


Home Cost

Home cost includes the amount that you will pay for all labor and materials that go into the construction of your home. With David James Homes, you will know your home cost up front. Begin by making a list of things you really want and need in your new home. Then, based on your priorities, you may need to make compromises according to your budget. For instance, if hardwood flooring is on your wish list, and making your home more attractive to future buyers is a priority for you, then you may decide that installing hardwood floors instead of carpet at the time of construction is more beneficial to you than upgraded windows and doors.  Regardless of your choices, David James Homes will help you to understand the costs of your choices upfront.


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